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Since nothing is happening on the Ernie and riding front, I thought I would share some updates on the boys at Morstone Acres.

First up, the original, Mr. P

Phoenix is loving having grass again. His digestive system just works so much better and he move around more as pastures open. He and Vinny usually have at least one little happy ponies running around moment a day and I love when I get to see it. Being at home meant that I could adjust the horses to the grass very gradually so P hasn’t had to wear his grazing muzzle at all which I’m sure he appreciates.

P has continued to have some weird issues with chewing, so I had the vet look at him a bit when he was out last week for shots. This vet is from the same practice as the one who floated P’s teeth earlier this year. He didn’t think it was a tooth issue at this point (I agree) and possibly a TMJ issue. I have been doing a test of putting surpass on his TMJ twice daily with good results. I’m nervous about injecting his TMJ, so I started him back on Adequan (stopped it when he retired from riding) to see if maybe that will be helpful. He has looked a bit more stiff getting up and down anyways so at the very least it should help that. We will see! I know he’s 31 but I still want him to have the best comfort and quality of life that I can offer.

Next up, Vinny

Wow, the ways this pony has changed in our two months together. He is now pretty reliable about picking up his feet for cleaning and I had my husband do it for the first time earlier this week and he was successful. He nickers to me all the time and often comes running over to me which is just so endearing. He remains quite scared of noises at times. We are about 90% there with the sound of dropping cross ties, but something like the sound of rain on the roof overnight upsets him.

Vinny got his first vaccination with me last week and while he was nervous about the vet he was a very good boy. The vet also thinks his age is closer to 20 than the 25+ the rescue advertised.

The photo below is a month old, and he looks completely different again. I need to get a new side photo of him soon!

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Just a pony enjoying some sun #Vinny #morstoneacres

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I finally got him a turnout sheet since we keep having these random cold snaps along with rain where he ends up wet and cold. It arrived yesterday and I didn’t think I would be able to get it on him completely but his level of terrified was worse than I expected. I had gotten to putting it folded up across his back and when I went to pull it off to finish he freaked out and broke one of my cross ties in the process. I have many safety features to my cross ties for a reason so I’m glad it broke but I feel bad that he is so fearful. I will be adding nightly sessions with a towel to desensitize him to the touch of something on his back (which I have done some previously) and sessions of listening to the sound of his sheet as it moves around as well as touching it with his nose.

I really love that Vinny has that same happy attitude Phoenix does, it is a bit contagious when you are around them. Just what I need these days.

Lastly, here is some media of the boys together enjoying life.

First up, an open gate to their favorite pasture.

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These boys ❤️ #Vinny #mrp #morstoneacres

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Then, being sweet boys leaving the grass to come to me and head in for the night.

I hope everyone is finding ways to reduce anxiety and see the positives in a difficult time in life. These boys really help me with that!