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Belated birthdays and busy days

So way back on the 28th of April a certain special needs horse celebrated his 17th birthday and I have failed to blog appropriately!

No birthday is complete with pictures of the birthday boy in a celebratory hat

Somehow the horse who no one liked but me has become the favorite of both my mom and my husband since he came home. For reference my mom used to be completely afraid of horses and got to the point of being okay with P after a while but never really went beyond handing out treats (okay I got her on him once when I was a teen and she promptly hurt her knee getting off). Since the boys came home she goes right in amongst them to help with pony care as needed and likes to give her favorite horse extra treats (not to worry, I’m pretty sure P keeps track to make sure he isn’t shorted). I never would have seen that coming. Stampede loves to follow my husband around and often seeks comfort from him when I’m doing something torturous (like treating his hind leg crusts). It makes me so happy to see that other people now get to know the horse I have grown to love over the years. He may be a bit cranky and most certainly gets scared of random things but he’s really just a baby pony in a big horse body.

Needed a picture with his dad

The chestnuts are quite happy that spring has finally arrived and I’ve opened up one of the other pastures part time. Who doesn’t love fresh grass? A few pictures of the happenings of the chestnuts.

There is a reason why P has no trouble keeping his weight up. He doesn’t waste time gawking.

Juneau enjoys staring at her “big brothers” and trying to get them to run along the fence with her.

I had just groomed P the night before so he wouldn’t look gross for the vet coming but then he hunted down my only muddy spot.

Mr. P shedding pile

Stampede shedding pile

Maestro and I are working on adjusting to jumping outside. While Maestro is really pretty great for his age and experience level he has let his baby side show a bit with the transition. Time, persistence, and patience will sort it all out.

Sunday I went out to graze him for a bit and he was so distracted by one of the school ponies who has an interesting spotted coloring.