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Barn Demo update

I have tried to take lots of pictures of the transformation so far. Enjoy!

The starting point

Starting point from the other side


So much garbage!

We actually filled two dumpers this size to the brim cleaning out the barns (we emptied junk out of the second barn while we were at it) and that includes no wood (went to burn pile) and no metal (friend has taken two large loads away to scrap and there’s still some left!). Who knew there was so much stuff out there!? This is all from the previous owners.

Getting there!

Started some leveling of the ground

Not bad for three full days of work!

We do still have some more back wall to rip out on the one side then we can finish leveling and get some limestone brought in and start compacting.

My husband is the best and I seriously couldn’t have done all this without him! My parents were also amazing and did the majority of the junk clean out in the other barn. I’m so lucky!