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What Came After, Pt. 2

Starting in July Maestro and I began really struggling. Looking back, my stress and subsequent grief seemed to only add to our issues. P and Stampede always helped me relax and forget my stresses by riding. For some reason Maestro seemed to instead be very tuned into my emotions and despite me not thinking about anything else while riding, he fed into it. I had already talked regularly with friends earlier in the year about feeling unsure I wanted to keep Maestro, so this was really just an elevation of issues. He is a good horse and I am a lifer with horses in general. In my head it was my fault things weren’t working out and I felt I was a bad rider for most of this year. After one lesson where I couldn’t seem to trust my horse to a distance over a tiny fence my trainer and I finally had a talk and agreed that he was not the horse for me.

So by the time our last show of the season rolled around, Maestro was for sale. In some ways I felt relieved, but I had a very big fear of sending him off to the wrong place. Like I said, I love the horse. He’s great on the ground, easy to care for, safe, not spooky, and loves to hack out. Watching people try him was nerve-wracking for me. The second person who tried him took him on trial, and that too was quite stressful for me. I’m a control freak and I enjoy making sure my horses have the best care. Regardless, he went on trial and ultimately sold.

Interestingly, his pre-purchase exam did find an issue that explains some of my issues with him. I won’t go into details, but I will say this was hard for me as well. I had considered a physical issue, he was looked at by two different vets this summer because of that feeling. I ultimately decided to let him go anyways, despite the chance that maybe things would have been different, because I still think this new home is a better place for him ultimately.

So in the end, I now own only one amazing horse right now. The best 30-year-old chestnut gelding ever.

I’ve been out once to try some horses, but no winners there. Bonus I almost fell off one when he freaked out after hitting a pole. So horse shopping still sucks. My list is pretty similar to last time, although I think I would like more of a TB ride. I like a responsive horse. Finding a really nice well-built TB would be awesome, but like I said before I don’t think I’m the one to restart a horse myself. We shall see what the future holds.

In the mean time, I am riding a horse at the barn for someone who is currently injured. The horse is an appendix, but has a TB look to him. Funny enough we believe he has the same sire as Stampede, but his papers are currently MIA so it hasn’t been verified. I’ve just been flatting this horse and doing some pole work so far, but it’s been fun to make some improvements to his way of going and enjoy riding again. He’s given me some confidence back in my riding skills which was very needed.

Fingers crossed I can find a new pony for Christmas!