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Happy 31st Birthday Phoenix!!

Every year I am so thankful that Phoenix has made another trip around the sun. I feel so insanely lucky to have gotten to spend so much time with him. I think being apart for nine years has helped me to never take his presence for granted. I was lucky to get him back, we were lucky to be reunited.

The amount of times this horse has helped me through challenges in my life is just astounding. He has been such a steady source of dependability in times of stress – work stress, family illness, through Stampede’s many lameness issues, sicknesses, and loss. Now during lock down for coronavirus that keeps me from living my normal life and going to the boarding barn to ride Ernie, he remains a steady escape. Phoenix has also been with me for some of my best moments. I’ll never forget some of the courses we jumped when we were young. That time we rode in an Anne Kursinski clinic and she complimented us. Even better, I’ll never forget the many days we spent playing around. The times we would race our friends around the old track growing up, Phoenix and I trailing behind with smiles on our faces because fast was never our thing.

Old school P

I don’t know if it is something that just comes from getting a horse when I was a young age, but Phoenix has always given me complete confidence. Growing up I believed he could do anything and he has never let me down. I could ride him anywhere and never fear for what he might do. Before Phoenix retired we spent so many evenings riding around in the field at the boarding barn by ourselves, just enjoying each others company. Since his retirement, I’ve found so much fulfillment in giving Phoenix the best care possible. So much happiness when he goes trotting across the pasture as a result of some excitement going on or when he nudges me in the morning for being too slow with the two treats he waits for before heading off for his day of turnout.

Looking good for 31!

Happy birthday to my best boy, the original love of my life, and horse of a lifetime. Happy 31st birthday Mr. P!