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HR July C Show

Despite lots of improvement at our last show, I was still feeling like Maestro and I needed another chance to iron out the kinks in the show ring. I don’t actually qualify for any rated divisions at the barn’s C rated show, but the low hunter division is unrated and open to everyone.

Friday afternoon (Friday before last now) I got out to the barn to school over fences. The ring we would be showing in I actually hadn’t jumped in at all this year as we don’t usually keep jumps in that ring except for shows and then showing I’ve been in a different ring. So trainer got on him first and warmed him up and took him around. Honestly I could have just done it myself but better safe than sorry and she also is better at getting him thinking about his changes. I got on in her saddle afterwards (I’d never been in a Devecoux before, quite nice!), trotted and cantered a few laps to get my bearings, then jumped the pony myself. A couple singles then a nice trip around a course and we were done. He was really being awesome, so soft and moving up to the fences nicely.

Saturday the forecast looked horrible and I was quite thankful to be going early in the day. We just had a warm up trip and one over fences trip to do. Maestro marched around just a little quick and nervous and with a late change in one corner but totally manageable. Came out for a trip then went back in for our hunter round. The second round was really good. He got all his leads (actually landed all but one) and he was just a bit quick heading home on the last line which combined with me finding the long one in made for a bit of a stronger half halt in the line. It wasn’t a big division but we got second in our round against all professionals.

Part of our low hunter course today. Good pony. 🐴😊 #maestro #notachestnut

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Sunday we didn’t go until the afternoon so Maestro did get a small amount of turnout beforehand which I’m sure he was happy about. I wish I had it on tape but we had our best trip to date in the warm up round. The warm ups are blue/red and that got us a blue ribbon round and a cute little ribbon. Being picky there was a fence I rushed a bit with my body but Maestro was so consistent and got all his changes and really just felt awesome. Sadly in the actual over fences round he had a late back change before going into a line and I just didn’t have the right pace and he had to chip in. On a plus side, he stepped right up and still got us out of the line in the right strides despite my mistake and was perfect again for the last line coming home. Can’t ask for more than that!

We did the hack after that and I’m still struggling a bit with hacks. It annoys me since in the past they have been my thing – Stamp and I won them frequently. I know Maestro can move well but he just gets so resistant and wiggly (going the first way particularly) that transitions become difficult and not as prompt as they should be. Considering maybe wearing spurs in my hack class next time but if anyone has ideas let me know. The answer could certainly be that he just needs more time in the ring.

In the end it was a great easy weekend of showing that left me feeling good about the rest of show season. Best of all I just had so much fun and that’s what it’s about!

Gorgeous evening for a field ride #maestro #notachestnut

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Since then Maestro and I have managed several great field hacks and his new saddle finally came in Friday and he seems to be quite happy with it.

Now let’s just hope it fits…

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Mr. P has been keeping me busy with skin issues. I’ve posted about it on Instagram but need to do a post here because it’s been an adventure.