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Barn name winner and life with ponies at home

First things first, I had a contest right before the ponies came home asking for votes and suggestions on a barn name. Ultimately, I decided to go with Morstone Acres. The words mean a lot to me and speak to the journey to renovate the property as well. As far as the winner…there were only 4 people who said they liked Morstone generically or Morstone Acres specifically. I did not include people who wanted another variation of the name, sorry guys!

Congrats Renate, I will send you an email. As for what she wins…

C4 Belt!

Otherwise the boys have settled in really well. Stampede in particular is a new man, but I’ll go into that further in another post. Now for more pictures!

P watching me through the window and calling for food, lol.


Grooming bay approved

First Mr. P ride at home

Tried letting Stamp loose at the end of the ride and he found it necessary to come herd us around.

Stampede pulled a Houdini move and got past my rope barrier (temporary) and walked all over, pooped, then somehow got back on the correct side with the ropes still up…

Proof Stampede laid down in his stall! No more sleep deprivation!

Happiest ponies!

Water trough obsession

Seriously why do they think the water trough tastes so much better than the water in buckets in their stalls? This was literally 1 minute after I let them out. Weirdos!