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Hot Showers and Sharp Teeth

Well for about two weeks now I’ve wondered about two things:

  1. Why do I live somewhere that it gets this cold?
  2. Why did I think it would be fun to have horses at home and do all their care in said temperatures?

I have obviously had horses for many years and taken care of horses for many years, all in the same relative geographical area. As a kid I cleaned stalls at the boarding barn on the weekends, turned out and brought in horses, smashed ice out of water buckets, and more. Why did this seem so much worse? Do you feel cold worse as you age? Seriously if my hands were exposed to air for more than two seconds they started burning. 95% of the time they were burning after 15 minutes with gloves on. Of course Stampede needed his antibiotics (last dose tonight!) via the mix with applesauce, load syringe, and administer method which meant no gloves for a few minutes. Then wrap the leg with no gloves on. Then some other task that required no gloves. So cold.

Thank goodness for whoever came up with those lovely insulated coveralls. I would not have survived chores without them.

Only wearing 3 layers on the bottom, 5 layers on top, and two pairs of socks

The chestnut boys dealt with the cold so much better than I did. Other than hiding inside for short periods on really windy days they had no problem hanging out eating from their hay troughs when temperatures dipped into the negative digits. I would have originally said I would leave my horses in more during the winter, but so far they maybe get an hour or two less of turnout per day. They like being out and moving around.

They also like scrounging for hibernating grass versus eating their hay?

The only change with cold weather is that they often appear near the barn to entertain me and beg for treats while I clean their stalls.


I finally got a picture of the cat that hangs around via barn cam. Oh and I felt bad and started leaving out food. I don’t want a cat and this one is super afraid of people but I felt so bad with the cold and I know it’s living in our other barn.

Guard cat on duty

Yesterday the temperatures finally gave us some relief – 20’s with some high winds to make it feel colder. I kid you not I was able to walk around without gloves on in the barn last night comfortably. It felt so warm.

What I didn’t mean to do bad things

Husband and I took advantage of the “warm” weather to get hay moved between the barns yesterday. Mr. P took that opportunity to leave his mark on Big Red.

When a horse tries to eat your truck

I’m glad the hay is stacked and ready for the ponies to eat and hopefully we can make it a good month before we have to move some again.

Barn cam happened to take a snapshot of us moving hay. We are getting pretty good at stacking a lot on the truck!

Maestro has been getting pretty consistent rides despite the temperatures give or tack a couple extra days off last week. He’s a pretty chill dude and went right back to work yesterday after three days off. Of course he was missing a pull on bell boot that I found whole in his pasture and could barely get back on. Mysteries.

I did find something last week that he’s pretty nervous about – a dog losing it barking in a cage in the clubhouse. We just could not maintain a canter and go down towards that end of the ring and then we did a 180 when a cat appeared near where the dog was barking. After I finished the ride on a good note we went down to explore the scary sounds more closely. From what I can tell thus far most of the things he gets worried about are sound related which is interesting.

What is wrong with that animal in there? Is someone hurting it? We should get out of here.

I will be enjoying these warm temperatures by Michigan standards and catching up on all that missed saddle time.

I’m not sure timing or location will work for any of my California blog friends but I am headed to San Francisco this month then going down to Monterey. Get ahold of me if you are in the area and want to try to meet up.