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2018 Year End Awards

Last weekend was our awards banquet for our local association. Definitely one of the few times a year I can be seen in a dress!

Maestro and I earned some nice awards after a fun season together, plus it’s always fun to watch your friends get ribbons and trophies too.

I need to work on my ribbon holding skills

Adult Hunter 18-35 – Reserve Champion

Low Adult Equitation on the Flat – 5th

Low Adult Equitation over fences – 5th

This is my entire barn family with all of the trophies, ribbons, and prizes won. Pretty impressive! PS I’m the tallest head in the back, lol

Maestro had to get a second more expansive clip last week since he was still sweating like crazy. I posted his first clip in my last post.

He was very concerned about my clipping abilities

This weekend is the annual Mark Leone clinic at the barn. I last participated in 2013 – here is a link to that post. This weekend I’m planning to do both days. I think it will be a challenge for us but hopefully a fun time as well. Mark is a very positive clinician and really likes to help people do well.